Glossary of terms

Augmentation  : occurs when the activity conforms to the rules defined by the C.H.A and those that follow on from it such as, for example, the rule of the 3 P’s ( Profit, Person, Planet)

BATX is an acronym indicating the main digital companies in China : Baidou, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi, amongst others, and more generally, the multinational digital names which dominate the market where part of their activity depends on seizing personal data and insists on the use of their software.

C.A.D. ( Computer Aided Design) Enables design creation on the computer screen using computer software . Typically used for mechanical parts or a piece of furniture.

Chrysalis Economy : This groups together the entire range of new production methods for goods or services which are based on the rules of ecology, sustainable devlopment and and a circular economy to replace a pollutive, carbon-loaded economy causing an imbalance in the natural ecosystem and destroying the non- recyclable and non-reconstitutable natural resources. 

C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsability) This has emerged as a direct result on the French (Plan of Action for the growth and Transformation of the Enterprise, 2019) It indicates a recognition that a business is no longer intended solely to benefit its shareholders, but that it has also a rôle to play in society.

Cupitalism : An activity resulting from a compulsive personal accumulation of wealth. It describes a means of producing money from money without realising any value added using automated software which has been diverted from its original purpose such as opportunist or provoked stockmarket operations.

Decarbonisation : Describes an activity of production of goods or services with a minimum of pollutive gas emissions, such as carbonic gas.

Empowerment :  Describes an involvement of the entire workforce of a company in its organisation and in the achievement of it objectives.

GAFAs : This term is used to describe the main group of American digital companies, namely Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and sometimes Microsoft (GAFAMs)

GDRP : ( General Data Protection Regulation ) internet providers who wish to capture the data of visitors to their sites must first ask permission in accordance with GDRP rules. . But this practice is tedious and sometimes the authorisations demanded are ambiguous and off-putting.

Pan-Foundation : A foundation whose activity is of general interest and cross-border, such as the support for ecology as recognised by the C.H.A. ( Charter for Humanity Augmented). The C.H.A. is an evolution of the UN Charter for Human Rights ; it has the capacity to develop an economic fabric of interest for society, including lucrative.

3D Printer : This machine enables the creation of objects by adding successive layers of a material such as plastic, which solidifies rapidly.

Servicial Hotels : Not a hotel for providing accommodation ! but a centre where local services are available for the use of anyone with a need ; generally speaking they serve a rural population and are diverse, offering maybe a postal service, amedical service , advice etc, acting to compensate for rural depopulation ( absence or reduction in public services)