Our actions

Modes of Action

« A happy life is a secret life » , this statement assumes a capacity for autonomy, availability of services and a local economy.

We may know that developing and emerging technologies will soon allow access to total autonomy in terms of environment, such as the distribution of essential local services like tele-medecine, but the creation of a local eonomy is complicated and depends on mastering numerous external factors which sometimes exceed the scope of digital boundaries.

Socio-economic bubble

We can’t reasonably assume an objective of sustainable development without challenging the domination
of low-cost food production areas and the productiion of goods in economic bubbles where the work force
is exploited. The power of the big companies makes them more commercially visible than the local

M.Foundation operates on three levels :

  • The creation of a connecting tool for local commerces, highlighting their potential in terms of innovation of stock, by publicising them.
  • The preparation of a local form of green financing independent of unstable currencies and supported by an average international GDP.
  • We are providing a federating mechanism in various domains such as agricultural chambers of commerce, for example.

Our plan of action and our toolboxes will enable us to succeed in revitalising land. By thus enhancing their cultural identity, we shall reinforce industrial peace and a relational well-being.

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Centre of excellence

Synergy between the various economic participants is essential for an ecosystem to be defined.
M.Foundation supports this type of impetus by creating conditions for the startup of industrial networks constituted as centres of excellence. Thus it is that one such centre of excellence, built around a substitute
material, is under construction in the Hauts de France (« Minéalithe Vallée).

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Action shared with local councillors

A movement towards sustainable development can only be effective if it is international. It won’t work if the pollution from Chinese chimneys falls on us! Thus the context that we foresee , that of sanctuarisation, must be adapted and promoted at base level, that is, approved and accepted by local people. To this end, M.Foundation has conceived « Operation Crayon to rewrite the Destiny of Mankind » allowing people to express their support. This will involve demanding the creation of the CHA by placing for example, a pen, in a receptacle made available by members of the local council : the pens will later be distributed amongst needy populations.


Support for M.Foundation’s propositions will not be serious unless people can see real, sustainable progress. Sustainable Development must not be intellectualised into a concept but must be seen to actually improve the quality of life. In rural areas establishing Service Structures (link to Service Structures) will enable abandoned areas of wasteland to benefit from a number of services via a digital support. This should encourage an end to a way of life that is statistically two years shorter than that of the urban dweller.



Social support

M.Foundation’s ambitious but necessary action will not become more efficient unless it increases in strength. The social networks provide a powerful lever. M.Foundation intends to structure itself to be able
to benefit from them by asking if they would be willing to lend their support.