The foundation


M.Foundation has been established as a « Pan-Foundation » which will enable it to realise an essential
value ; that of equity.
A Pan-Foundation has a dual ambition :

  • to initiate a socio-economic structure within the framework of a sustainable development and a circular
  • to enable an update of the legal system to which the individual is, sometimes unjustly, subjected.
    Inequality is the result of a long process of evolution of society that is now being brought into question.
    This reappraisal is accelerated by the effect of power give to people by unlimited digitalisation combined
    with a universal diffusion of culture. Organisations such as NGO’s, associations etc constitute the
    spearhead of this commendable move towards a transformation.
    As you read the contents of this site you will see why, and how, our M.Foundation team works ; it implies
    a knowledge of the universe in which the individual evolves, and a knowledge ealso of the causes of this evolution.

We invite you to take the time to embark on this journey. If however you are in a hurry, you can visitdirectly our major fields of activity.



The life-cycle of Mankind on the planet

After an initial nomadic phase on the planet lasting for thousands of years, human beings became sufficiently developed in the use of tools to enable an entry into the second cycle ; that of living in settlements. Gradually people began to construct more solid homesteads, to fix territorial boundaries, to establish rules which became progressively more specialised to form the law. This in turn evolved into an incredibly powerful tool, generating unbridled consumption, exhausting the limited resources of the planet, simultaneously creating pollution with a resultant negative effect on the climate patterns.

The « Bug » linked to having a combination of all we need both for mind and body

The alliance of « the ultimate tool for the human mind », digital technology, in spite of its relatively
recent appearance, has become a dominant, even indispensable element in our daily lives. In increasing our powers of creativity, it disrupts the equilibrium of the planet by engendering excessive over-consumption of its resources. Thus it is possible to deforest the Amazon whilst listening to Mozart (for example) in the cab of your automated tree felling machine. Now, faced with the threat of extinction of the human race, our conscience leads us to start putting things in order, beginning with the third cycle, that of rationalisation, not without some resistance from those who benefit from the profits drawn from an inappropriate socio-economy.

M.Foundation is an original migratory vehicle destined to accelerate this vital change of ecosystem and to initiate, even stimulate the creation of a new paradigm. The structures for world-wide retrieval of the planet such as UNO, subjected as they are to control by heads of state, have little space for freedom of expression even though they recognise that the first article of its charter represented enormous progress after the massive slaughter of the second world war.

The digital revolution partnership Nation/individual

This process of deterioration of the planet is amplified by the arrival of this « ultimate tool for the human mind » ( digitalisation, as highlighted in the philosopher Michel Serre’s book « La Petite Poucette » ) deviant use of which targets a control of this same human mind and tracks its activity. This tool is sometimes used beyond the scope of ethics by major account holders such as the GAFAs, BATX etc.
looking to create their economic model from the seizure of personal data, or by governments seeking to keep a tight control on their population, or seeking to destroy others. Hence there is a need to control
digitalisation which currently is sometimes used perversely between individuals themselves.


Raison d’être

Alternatives to « you just have to … » and « what we need to do is… »

The digital web is studded with sites expressing fears, attitudes, injunctionss etc. to cope with the rapid deterioration of the « state of health of the planet ». Unfortunately apart from generating a positive awareness, actual power is beyong the reach of the « man in the street », often even governments are powerless, since money is the name of the game. So, M.Foundation has been established as a Pan-Foundation to escape from the « you just have to … » or « what we need to do is… » and establish serious alternative solutions.

About the Augmented Foundation

A Pan. Foundation must be an Augmented Foundation. Thus, respecting the rules of sanctuarisation of mind and body laid down by the Charter for Human Rights (CHA) it conveys, through the implementation of its projects, their objectives by management rules such as the « 3P’s » : Profit, Person, Planet. This principle sets out to break the dominations which destroy the individual. M.Foundation supports any enterprise which applies these rules, so long as they are of benefit to each individual, passing from a sense of obligation to the status of the consensual, based on the notion of « rights and duty ». In a sedentary society, in most situations, the individual takes refuge in his right, when opposed by another’s right, which leads to a proliferation of professions in the legal sector. Where the cycle of rationalisation applies, the law anticipates the diverse sources of conflict by relying on the capacity of each individual to accept responsability; this involves positive education and training, an enhanced estimation of doing the right thing and an expression of disapproval of the « bad boy ».