Create the C.H.A

Background (UN Charter)

People are seeking to make new conquests : Digital Technology is the current obsession. Having succeeded in connecting individuals with each other across the entire planet by internet, certain research and development laboratories, the GAFAs, BATX amongst others … are trying to create a means of connecting directly with the human brain allowing them to download directly information which they can then recuperate. It won’t be long before we see the first guineapig with a chip implanted in his scalp !


The UN Charter fo Human Rights makes no provision for the protection of the mind . It is proper therefore to put this right, at the same time taking into account the problems caused by climate change. Thus there would be a move towards the Charter for Human Rights Augmented(C.H.A)

The Chrysalis Economy

Contents : sustainable Development Augmented and a Circular Economy Augmented

The fantastic rate of development of world economy during this last century compared with that of the entire history of the planet, has been due essentially to carbonisation, the chief energy sources for which are coal and oil. The main disadvantage of this technology is the emission of heat and carbonic acid resulting from the production of electricity which is in ever- increasing demand. It would make sense therefore to bring about a move towards natural energy sources such as wind or solar power … and also to redirect industry towards a decarbonised chemistry and to depollute the liquids which result from human activity and production methods. M.Foundation identifies and supports the development of alternative solutions within the fields of sustainable development and a circular economy based on a programme called the Chrysalis Economy, which is designed to bring about the creation of revolutionary innovations . More info.

Capitalism Augmented ( green and equitable)

An economy’s support is its capital no matter what political doctrine a Nation follows. It consists of human resources (human capital), plus animal, vegetable and mineral resources,and money. Today it is money which controls economic activity and dominates outrageously the other resources, without which it would be valueless ; It is those who hold the greatest sums that govern the world.

Unfortunately the way in which this money is managed has become deviant to the point of creating cupitalism. This brings about an increase in the volume of money by techniques which enable money to make more money without producing any value added. As a result, the rich, in other words, those who hold the bulk of the money, automatically become richer and richer.. M.Foundation is working to bring about regulations for this deviation by creating a new socio-economy ( find out more in the book « Lucy à Lucy Augmentée »)

The tools : V.A.A. : the rule of 3 Ps

Value Added (V.A.) is a purely accountable notion whereby the government takes directly the tax known as VAT (Valu Added Tax. This Value Added, which comes from the wealth produced by the equation person/machine e.g. during production of electrical equipment, takes no account of quality. Some acts of productivity, like those used in the making of cement and steel, create a heavy pollution which the government tries to repair by using resources coming directly from VAT and other taxes. M.Foundation recommends that the level of TVA should vary on the basis of an evaluation of the wealth produced by the Value Added Augmented ( V.A .A.) Thus the basis for calculating VAT becomes qualitative, taking into account the under-payment of the work force, excessive consumption of energy, pollution etc. .. the VAA is assessed according to the rule of the 3 P’s ( Profit, Person, Planet) More info.

Initialise V.A.A.

Empowerment offered to the client

Empowerment means involving all the human resources of the company in making the decisions which affect their work. In this context, a collaborator of a business changes from being simply an executive to becoming a co-actor. In this instance, the status of client evolves from the position of buyer to that of co-designer. Thus the product is designed in harmony with the use to be made of it, meeting the expectations of the user, particularly in terms of ecology, sustainable development, recyclability and quality.

From S.R.B. to R.A. (Responsability Augmented)

The Societal Responsability of Businesses constitutes a beginning of recognition of the obligation of businesses towards colleagues and the environment ; until quite recently, in French law, a business had only one purpose, it was to profit the shareholder.The PACTE law ( Plan of Action for the growth and transformation of Businesses) has widened the scope of the rôle of a business in terms of responsability towards the employees and society. Although this move does indicate real progress, it doesn’t go nearly far enough. M..Foundation is campaigning for the establishment of a balance by a compulsory application of the rule of 3P’s. The relevance of its implementation inside the business will be assured by means of the VAA and its conformity of management according to rules as stated in the C.H.A. In this context the business will be subject to the regime of Responsibility Augmented. (R.A)

Alternative Courses

Liquids, particularly water

As far as we know, it would appear that there is no life without water. For sure, on planet Earth, water is an element essential for our existence, in any case, for the chemical composition of the human body. It follows then that this liquid is precious. Unfortunately even in these times of digital technology and jetline travel, one part of the world population still doesn’t have enough whilst another part wastes it. Moreover, falling as rain and ending its journey in the oceans, it all too often carries uncontrolled amounts of pollution which is threatening the equilibrium of our flora and fauna ecosystems. Other liquids coming from production processes also serve to accentuate this pollution. Thus M.Foundation is working to create an awareness amongst all users of these liquids and is at the same time promoting innovative techniques for restoring social imbalance and for depolluting these fluids. More info …


The Human Race began to settle down once it had mastered the use of materials, enabling people to create a place for living both physically and/or spiritually. Modern construction depends on the use of concrete and steel to satisfy quickly and sustainably the need of rapidly-growing populations for homes. Sadly, these methods are heavily pollutive. M.Foundation is working to enable the evolution of alternative solutions which meet ecological demands and fit in with sustainable development and a circular economy. Currently the ambition is to initiate a first green project in the centre of excellence based in the Hauts de France, « Minealithe Vallée » More info….

Energy storage

Methods of energy production are numerous and on the whole relevant, technically speaking. However, they all suffer from one main problem ; that of energy storage. The most common method is to use batteries but their chemical composition makes them extremely pollutive. Effort needs therefore to be concentrated on solutions compatible with the constraints imposed by sustainable development, ecology and recyclability. M.Foundation is supporting a solution which appears to comply with the demands of these three constraints. More info..

Digital Technology

Here at the beginning of the 21st century, Digital Technology fits into practically every aspect of human behaviour. Unless people rebel they might easily be reduced to the state of slaves identified by number. Some nations already use this method to control, or even destroy the lives of their people, using drones. The resulting issue for society is fundamental and can only be controlled in a context of obligations for each individual as well as for the nations referred to if we are to preserve individual freedom. The democratic relevance which enables us to achieve this digitalisation comes up against numerous interests both private and public. The C.H.A. can only be achieved by means the action engaged by M.Foundation. More info…….